Paranormal Series Review 🌟

Paranormal (Season 1) 8.5/10
It’s not about showing blood or adding unnecessary jump scares, what makes a horror so scary is the atmosphere and the characters…. Luckily, “Paranormal” knew this secret formula and perfectly used it!!! The first episode was simply a detailed introduction to the protagonist, presenting his dimensions, manners and odd behaviors. Credits should be given to the director and of course to the wonderful “Ahmad Amin” who portrayed this complicated middle-aged man in the best way possible. Now we know that for every setup, there should be a proper payoff…. and boy what a payoff we got!!! The final three epsiodes were REALLY scary, the whole atmosphere was oppressive and the story became way more interesting. Without using excessive CGI the show was able to keep me on the edge of my seat waiting for what’s coming and wishing for this weird and insecure character to survive simply because I built a strong connection with him throughout this first season. The “scary scenes” were directly related to the character and his insecurities, even the final twist worked because it wasn’t forced and made sense. My main issues were the second and third episodes, I have no idea why the tone shifted and uninteresting storylines took over. Even the CGI wasn’t really convincing and I felt that we suddenly entered a new show and then went back to the original one without a clear explanation. These 2 episodes were important to the story, but could’ve been presented in a better way. I hope this will be fixed if they decide to renew this amazing show. “Paranormal” is definitely my favorite “scary” series to date, it combines good storytelling and effective horror… and it’s available on Netflix!!

Tenet Movie Review 🌟

Tenet (2020) 8/10 Earlier this year I got to the chance to watch the ‘Tenet’ prologue and ever since that moment I’ve been quite excited for the movie due to its mysterious premise. As many of you probably know by now, I’m not the biggest Nolan fan and I did have my doubts at first but after this viewing I can easily call this is his best film since 2010’s ‘Inception’. I was truly awed by what it had to offer and it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entirety of the runtime. ‘Tenet’ follows a CIA operative who embarks on a mission through a twilight world of international espionage to prevent a life-threatening war.From the moment it commences, the movie is restless, taking viewers on a vastly entertaining journey and instantly immersing them into this unique world. It utilizes an altered non-linear narrative to lay out the events taking place. I can’t get into those details as I’d enter spoiler territory but I do recommend you keep track of the chronological order of events, because deciphering the movie is like putting together a puzzle.
As with most his work, the narrative complexity is very much present, the one attribute that I highly criticize in Nolan’s films, and for a moment halfway through the runtime, I thought it was all about to go south. However I was happy to learn that the story didn’t lose its path with its overtly complex themes, but instead came together with a pulse-pounding climax.John David Washington is awesome as “The Protagonist” but it is Robert Pattinson who brings great suave to his character. The Wonderfully well choreographed action scenes paired with Hoyte Van Hoytema’s glorious cinematography add so much visual depth to the unfolding events. But the movie is not complete without Ludwig Göransson’s menacing score, which elevated every single scene! The storytelling mechanisms of reversing the flow of time may seem heavy or even paradoxical but there is a justifiable reasoning behind it. I think the movie’s weakest point is the editing, which surprisingly felt quite choppy. Finally, I highly recommend you watch ‘Tenet’ on the biggest screen possible to get the most out of this cinematic experience and discover what it’s all about.

Come Play Movie Review 🌟

Come Play (2020) 4/10 I’ll put it simply, the people behind this film searched for an idea, found it and stopped developing it as soon as they got the project green lit. I say this mainly because it feels like a half baked idea that was thrown on a studio table with the hopes of coming off as a horror flick, and it’s pretty disappointing considering the fact that it had potential. ‘Come Play’ follows a young kid who gets stalked by a monster that manifests itself though smartphones and tablets.This one also reinforces the genre trope that sees horror movies utilizing a bunch of questionable plot points, as a lot of the of the character decisions seemed out of place, in order to allow the story to float? Either way that’s some lazy writing on the filmmaker’s end and should not be give a free pass. The whole concept required far more development. Even worse, the lack of atmosphere tones down the horror factor and the poor performances make it difficult for viewers to care for any of the characters.The antagonist never feels like a real threat, instead he comes off as a cheap bedtime story that can’t even fool a younger audience. The entity called Larry doesn’t really serve as a driving factor in the story. The movie also tried to convey some messages on parental sacrifices and raise awareness on autism but sort of failed with both of them, simply because throwing in a bunch of poorly written exposition scenes at odd moments is no way to go by discussing such topics. Oh well, on to the next horror film…

His House Movie Review 🌟

His house(2020) 7/10 Most horror movies nowadays are made with the purpose of either pure entertainment or the study of characters suffering from heavy emotional distress. Those that act as socio-political commentaries are rare, and those that properly succeed at delivering their messages are even less common.
Remi Weekes’ Netflix original “His House” is an exception to that unwritten rule. About a couple of refugees’ difficulties to get used to the English suburbs where their residence seems to be haunted, it’s much more than just an impressively executed debut for the young director. If you look past its supernatural and allegorical surface, you’ll find in it a heartbreaking tale detailing the hardships that come from escaping the horrors of one’s home nation, which in the case of the protagonists is the war-torn African state of South Sudan. The fact that they’ve lost their daughter on their way to Europe adds an element of guilt to their eventful journey, presented to the audiences as haunting manifestations of memories of the lives they’re trying to leave behind.
With no famous names attached to it to draw a wide audience, I believe that the film’s release on Netflix will deservedly elevate its reachability to a lot of people that probably wouldn’t have seen it had it come out in theaters. I truly believe that it’s the best release in that specific horror subgenre since Jordan Peele’s “Get Out”, and I have to recommend it for both its important themes and impressive craftsmanship. Available on Netflix

Knives Out Movie Review 🌟

Knives Out the 10/10 Club
Whenever a movie is able to trigger the right emotions and make your experience delightful and unforgettable…. it deserves a praise even if it contains minor flaws. Immersive is the perfect word to describe “Knives Out”. It grabbed my attention since the very first shot and I couldn’t feel time passing while watching it. Credits should be given to most of the movie’s elements. Writing and directing were in perfect harmony, every detail was interesting and nearly all the scenes were creatively shot. The script was really clever, with many unexpected twists. I’m a huge fan of Detective Novels, but I’ve never seen such a beautiful presentation of a Crime story on the big screen. Instead of following the same path that previous Crime/Detective films already adopted several times, Knives Out created a new “form” to present its plot. This new direction might feel weird at some point but the movie’s atmosphere and tone were more than suitable and kept me focused until the very last minute. Acting was strong especially Daniel Craig who presented a new character way different than his previous roles. The movie has a beautiful mix of comedy (always on point and never misplaced) and tension. That’s a rare thing to see nowadays especially in “commercial movies”. Smart, Captivating and balanced…. “Knives Out” is an experience that you shouldn’t miss.

A Tale Of Two Sisters Movie Review 🌟

A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) 8.5/10
To be honest, Slow-Burn Horror films aren’t really my thing because I find myself easily disconnected from the story and I always blame the movie’s pace. Fortunately, “A Tale of Two Sisters” was able to keep me on the edge of my seat (for the most part) and credits should be given to two main elements: The first one was definitely the story with its unpredictable twists and psychological aspect that was cleverly mixed with some really scary paranormal moments. As for the second element, it was the amazing job done by director “Jee-woon Kim” who knew how to perfectly choose his angles, camera movements and long takes. These 2 elements gave the movie a unique aspect where you can feel the tension between the characters and the oppressing mood without even trying too hard. Since the very first scene I realized that what I’m about to watch was a visual fiest and the way they used it to “scare” the audience was remarkable. The movie was able to create the perfect atmosphere for its genre and didn’t rely on jump scares which is something that I really appreciate in such films because they are usually the laziest elements to use in a “horror”. Finally, I have to warn you that it’s not a usual horror film and the pace might be a serious problems especially if you’re not a fan of this genre. “A Tale of Two Sisters” might not be for everyone but it’s definitely one of the mosy remarkable South Koran films I’ve seen so far.

Lost Girls Movie Review 🌟

Lost Girls 4/10
This is how you make a kidnapping movie so boring using three simple decisions: The story of “Lost Girls” was supposed to be exciting or even thrilling but I felt disconnected from the movie since the very first act. I have absolutely no idea why they adapted this particular tone, the whole atmosphere felt boring and uninteresting and didn’t help the story.
The second decision was related to the main character, I couldn’t really sympathize or care about her fate because we didn’t actually spend time with her or learn anything about her past except from the lazy dialogues that weren’t effective. The final decision that ruined the movie (at least for me) was the way they portrayed the supporting characters. The majority were two dimensional and unfortunately added nothing to the movie, even the performances were mediocre or bad (especially Thomasin McKenzie who did a wonderful Job in “Jojo Rabbit” as Elsa). “Lost Girls” had potential but couldn’t really use them to serve the story. It’s available on Netlix so if you have nothing else to do…. give it a try!

Se7en Movie Review 🌟

OLD BUT GOLD Se7en (1995) 10/10 Club
When I first watched this film I had this question on my mind: Which element makes David Fincher’s crime thriller such a masterpiece? Well the answer is simple: ALL OF THEM. “Se7en” had all the right ingredients to be perfect… and used each one of them correctly. Fincher knew how to cleverly create this unsettling atmosphere that kept the audience hooked until the very last shot. With the help of a brilliant script, the story was moving so fast without being repetitive or boring. The final act was just masterful, it has one of the most stressful and heartbreaking scenes presented on the big screen. The Chemistry between Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt was on another level, each character was beautifully written and their mutual scenes and dialogues were so clever and deep. The villain was perfectly crafted and portrayed. It’s definitely the actor’s (won’t mention his name for spoilers) career best, he was brutal, tough, annoying and reasonable (in his own context) in the simplest way possible. “Se7en” is definitely one of the best thrillers, it proves that it’s possible to offer a unique experience without exaggerations… just give the right director a clever script!!!!

Extraction Movie Review 🌟

Extraction 6/10
I’m really enjoying action films nowadays because SOME of them are taking more risks and presenting new formulas. “Extraction” had good intentions, trying to add some new elements to this evolving genre. The movie’s plot might not feel original but thankfully it wasn’t all clichee or deja-vu. I had this constant feeling that it was struggling to find its identity between being completely unique (John Wick, Atomic Blonde…) or just another crowd-pleasing action film. Personally I was looking forward to see the action sequences in this movie for one reason: Director Sam Hargrave is originally a stunt coordinator and worked on huge movies like Avengers: Endgame and Deadpool 2. Usually stunt coordinators know how to craft these fight scenes in a special way. Fortunately the action scenes weren’t disappointing in “Extraction”… well at least one of them was REALLY REALLY impressive and it’s definitely my favorite moment in the movie. As for the flaws, not all the characters were lovable and some performances were rather disappointing. The movie had potential to shine but it was a bit hesitant so some scenes felt predictable. “Extraction” had many special elements and used SOME of them correctly to stand out, if you’re a fan of this genre then you’ll probably enjoy it.

Prisoners Movie Review 🌟

Prisoners (2013) 9/10
If you’re a fan of Drama/Crime/Thrillers then you shouldn’t miss this masterpiece. “Prisoners” was a huge surprise when I first saw it back in 2013, the movie was able to grab my attention since the very first scene with its mesmerizing cinematography and oppressive atmosphere. It doesn’t give you a chance to rest throughout the 153 min. runtime which makes it a really unique experience. Denis Villeneuve is a remarkable director, he’s definitely one of the best working in Hollywood nowadays. He was able to present this “simple” story in the best way possible and used all the elements to make this movie great. Credits should be also given to the actors and actresses especially Hugh Jackman who delivered an amazing performance (definitely his best alongside with Logan) and Jake Gyllenhaal who never fails to surprise me. If you haven’t seen “Prisoners” yet, then you should make it your priority!!!

Taxi Ballad Movie Review 🌟

Taxi Ballad 8.5/10
It’s rare to see Lebanese Cinema taking a similar approach, and I’m really glad that I had the chance to watch this film!!! “Taxi Ballad” is an emotional, heartbreaking and realistic character study. I can’t remember the last time I heard such true dialogues in a Lebanese film. All the messages were clearly portrayed without exaggerations or spoon-feeding (sometimes using simple Jokes). Comedy was a really strong element, most of the “funny lines” worked perfectly and felt real. I love how the director/writer chose to shift the atmosphere in the flashback scenes and made them look like a caricature or a dream, it gave these moments more value and helped the story a lot. All the actors and actresses in this film were great, even if they appeared in just one scene. It clearly shows that we have potential in Lebanon and of course, the director worked really hard with his cast. Talal al Jurdi was amazing, he was suitable for the role and added some intesting aspects to his character. Despite all the flashbacks and the nonlinear timeline, the movie was never confusing and every single storyline had a purpose… and you need to focus to find it. “Taxi Ballad” is one of the most underrated (and underappreciated) Lebanese movies out there. It’s available on Netflix and definitely worth a shot!!!
تاكسي البلد 8.5 / 10
من النادر أن نرى السينما اللبنانية تتبنى نهجا مماثلا كهذا ، وأنا سعيدة حقا لأنني سنحت لي الفرصة لمشاهدة هذا الفيلم! هو دراسة شخصية عاطفية مفجعة وواقعية. لا أتذكر آخر مرة سمعت فيها مثل هذه الحوارات الحقيقية في فيلم لبناني. تم تصوير جميع الرسائل بوضوح دون المبالغة (أحيانًا باستخدام النكات البسيطة). كانت الكوميديا ​​عنصرًا قويًا حقًا ، حيث عملت معظم “السطور المضحكة” بشكل مثالي وشعرت بأنها حقيقية. أحب الطريقة التي اختار بها المخرج / الكاتب تغيير الجو في مشاهد الفلاش باك وجعلها تبدو كرسوم كاريكاتورية أو حلم ، فقد أعطت هذه اللحظات قيمة أكبر وساعدت القصة كثيرًا. كل الممثلين والممثلات في هذا الفيلم كانوا رائعين ، حتى لو ظهروا في مشهد واحد فقط. يظهر بوضوح أن لدينا إمكانات في لبنان وبالطبع عمل المخرج بجد مع فريقه. كان طلال الجردي مذهلاً ، كان مناسبًا للدور وأضاف بعض الجوانب الصادقة إلى شخصيته. على الرغم من كل ذكريات الماضي والجدول الزمني غير الخطي ، لم يكن الفيلم مربكًا أبدًا وكل قصة فردية كان لها هدف … وتحتاج إلى التركيز للعثور عليه. هو واحد من أكثر الأفلام اللبنانية التي لا تحظى بالتقدير الكافي. موجود الآن على نتفليكس

The Trial of The Chicago 7 Movie Review 🌟

The Trial of the Chicago 7 -9/10-
Writer Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network, Steve Jobs) is the King of nonlinear narratives, his scripts can be so twisted yet structured and surprisingly: Easy to follow. “The Trial of the Chicago 7” had 3 main obstacles to overcome: Building up the characters properly, Making the events interesting and Avoiding clichee moments. I can easily say that the movie perfectly mastered the first two elements but kind-of flopped on the third one. All the characters were cleverly introduced using a catchy montage during the first act, I felt that I understand each and every one of them even before the trial began which is a crucial element to build a connection with the story. When it came to the main events, their nonlinear display had a logical explanation. All the flashbacks were cleverly used and none of them felt confusing. In fact, they helped in developing the characters from the audiences’ perspective and made the story even more intriguing and exciting. The movie had a perfect casting, Sacha Baron Cohen was a huge surprise and delivered a strong performance and so did Mark Rylance. As for the last element, I really wished the movie had a stronger ending because this one felt way too theatrical (regardless of the real events and the accuracy) and clichee. Overall “The Trial of the Chicago 7” is one of these unique court films that knew how to present their story without being lame or clichee. It’s available on Netflix!!!

The Devil All The Time Movie Review 🌟

The Devil all the Time 6/10
I have this constant feeling that movies with an all-star cast tend to flop… unless they have a good script. Thankfully, “The Devil All the Time” wasn’t a complete mess, well in fact I found myself enjoying it even with all its flaws. The way all the stories were interconnected felt good, the dialogues felt realistic and the script tried its best not to be confusing… well maybe it tried too hard!!! The actors and actresses were the highlight of the film, with great performances especially Tom Holland. It’s really nice to see him out of his comfort zone and taking some serious roles because apparently he’s got potential. Robert Pattinson was amazing and he’s definitely my favorite character in the whole movie. He delivered a memorable performance and proved once again that he’s one of the best working actors in Hollywood nowadays. As for the flaws, the movie suffered some seriously illogical moments, it’s like they chose the easiest solution to solve some issues in the story. Plus the movie would’ve worked perfectly without the narration that became annoying at some point. Finally, the runtime was way too long especially that some scenes felt repetitive. Despite all these issues, I can say that “The Devil All The Time” was enjoyable and if you’re a fan of this genre you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Hubie Halloween Movie Review 🌟

Hubie Halloween 2/10
Never judge a movie by its trailer… It could be way worse!!! “Hubie Halloween” has all the elements to become this year’s worst comedy (keeping my hopes high for the next century). What bothered me the most is the fact that they didn’t even try to make this “thing” watchable or even mediocre. I have absolutely no idea why Adam Sandler, who proved himself as a great actor in movies like “Uncut Gems” and “Punch-Drunk Love”, or even comedies like “50 First Dates” insists on doing such lazy and lame comedies that will add nothing to his career. I’m totally aware that the movie was supposed to be light and fun, but every single element in it felt intentionally lazy and underdeveloped. I’m convinced that everyone working on it was just having fun but that’s not how you treat a movie. The story could’ve been way more interesting and deeper while keeping a light and funny tone (something similar to “Goosebumps” starring Jack Black). Instead, they decided to just add every lame/rotten joke they could ever think of in a weak unstructured script and just repeat it multiple times. All the characters were copycats of old Adam Sandler comedies with no charisma whatsoever and cringy attitudes. “Hubie Halloween” was painful to watch, that’s the perfect way to describe it!!!

Rebecca Movie Review 🌟

Rebecca 4/10
Whenever I watch a remake, I usually try my best not to compare it to the original version and see it from a different perspective… unfortunately I couldn’t do this with “Rebecca”. The main elements that made the Original 1940 Film directed by the one and only Alfred Hitchcock so unique were totally absent in this version. Hitchcock’s movie was so simple but managed to create this unsettling atmosphere without exaggerations while this remake insisted on making everything “modern” and bigger and failed to achieve its main goal. The relationship between the two main leads is the most important part of the plot, because their dynamic is the key for the story to develop and progress. While this movie took its time to introduce the characters, it ignored one crucial aspect in their relation which is “coldness”. This specific element that should’ve been built in the first act will have a very important role to play when we enter the “rising action” to give the ending a logical explanation. So imagine what happens when you just “delete” it just to show some intimate unnecessary scenes that would explain something that we already know. Actually, the movie was constantly trying to explain every single element in the story and expose it in so many different ways. Most of these details were crystal clear and again… the original version delivered them without trying too hard. Despite its flaws, SOME elements in this film were okay, Kristin Scott Thomas was suitable for the role and delivered a good performance (unlike Armie Hammer who was so cold and unconvincing). Plus the costumes and production design were good. “Rebecca” is just another lifeless Netflix remake that only people who haven’t seen the original one MIGHT like, simply because you can never enjoy something when you’ve already seen the better version!!!

Gone Girl Movie Review 🌟

Gone Girl (2014) Welcome to the “10/10” club.
What happens when a cleverly written script falls into the hands of a visionary director? Well you get this Masterpiece!!!Whenever I’m asked about my favorite thriller, I automatically think of “Gone Girl”. People might argue that the movie is more of a drama but it has one of the best thrilling and exciting screenplays I’ve ever seen in my life. It will grab your attention since the very first scene and won’t let you go until the ending credits. It’s fascinating how the audience will change their perspective whenever something new happens in the story and how everything can suddenly turn upside down. David Fincher is definitely one of the best directors working in Hollywood nowadays. His movies are always unique and here you can clearly see and feel his signature because the guy knows how to play with the colors, camera movements and tone to create the perfect atmosphere for such a story. The whole movie feels like a nerve-wrecking adventure full of unexpected twists and cleverly crafted characters. Rosamund Pike was phenomenal in this film, she definitely deserved her best Actress nomination at the Oscars and I think Fincher was snubbed!!! I can’t recommend this movie enough especially if you don’t like slow-paced dramas because it will definitely change your mind. “Gone Girl” is a perfect example of how you can benefit from an amazing Script to create a cinematic masterpiece!!!

Three Identical Strangers Documentary Review 🌟

Three Identical Strangers 8.5/10
It’s technically a Hollywood story but told from a different perspective…. Reality!!! “Three Identical Strangers” isn’t just presenting a weird and unusual tale, it raises many philosophical and ethical questions that might not be answered!!! All the subjects treated in this 96 min. Documentary were so interesting and exciting simply because the story was perfectly introduced and our main characters were presented in an original way. I was able to sympathize with all of them and connect with their backgrounds and struggles. The tone wasn’t really consistent especially after the introduction and I found myself wondering where the story will be going because it felt way too prolonged (later I realized that it wasn’t the case). Fortunately it took a whole different path towards the end and cleverly used previous footage and lines to complete the story which is something that we don’t usually see in such documentaries. “Three Identical Strangers” is available on Netflix and I highly recommend checking it out… you won’t regret it!!!!

The Queen’s Gambit Limited Series Review 🌟

I played chess a few times as a kid but never understood the depth of it. That’s why I didn’t think a story about chess would keep me interested.
But this one got me deeply invested as it is not just about the game of chess, it’s so much more. Even if you don’t understand chess, this series will transpire you to that world where chess is a passion and battle of minds.
The series is as good as the trailer. The first episode was just enough to keep me interested. As I keep watching, it keeps getting better.
The cast is beyond amazing. The acting is seamless and the cast embodied their roles perfectly. And Anya Taylor-Joy did an outstanding job.
Anya delivered a beautiful performance. I have a soft spot for characters such as the one of Beth Harmon: strong, sharp, admired, yet terribly flawed, struggling mentally, and unpredictable, just like Annalise Keating from HTGAWM.
The character developments for even the minor characters were well-thought-out and I immediately formed an emotional connection with most of them.
The cinematography was great with some very impressive scene transitions and captured every little detail of the time period. Also, the camera work was good as well as the color palette, loved the aesthetics.
The story and writing was brilliant. Strong characterization always provides the best entertainment. The producers of “The Queen’s Gambit” tackle the tough task of creating a compelling story from the inner lives of the characters.
The show also had very good messages sprinkled in between, where they were subtle and didn’t make me feel like an agenda was being shoved down my throat.
My only problems were its cgi where its getting worse every episode and I wasn’t just sure about casting Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Benny.
Nevertheless, every episode is good. It stays strong the entire series and captivates you. It’s so unique and different that it’s difficult to put into words.

Borat Movie Review 🌟

7.5/10 Much like the original movie , ‘Borat’ sequel will definitely not be suitable for everyone. You will either hate it or absolutely love it. It all depends on your tolerance of Cohen’s provocative way of laughing at human ignorance . If that doesn’t hold your laughs back, then be prepared to watch one of the boldest, nastiest , crudest, and most shockingly offensive movie of this year. Borat is back to the states to deliver a gift to Vice President Mike Pence. The gift is his daughter (wonderful newcomer Maria Bakalova) or as he likes to call her, his non-male son. Along the way, Cohen fearlessly gets people to unwillingly participate (not to mention test their patience) in absolutely bonkers situations in a mockumantary style. Absofuckinglutely outrageously funny !
“So how was Borat’s new movie? It all depends on your expectationsIf you’re expecting a similar storyline and flow like borat 1, you might find yourself waiting indefinitely until you’re halfway through and can’t wait any longer If you’re simply expecting a hilarious film that tackles today’s issues in a smart and satirical – or should I say 𝙗𝙤𝙧𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙘𝙖𝙡 way, then you will enjoy every bit of it 2020 has been tough; its own plot twists demand a Borat intervention and that’s exactly what this movie offers It makes fun of a lot of hot topics, but nothing beats the part about abortion Expect one hell of a laughing sessions Available on Amazon Prime

Fractured Movie Review 🌟

8/10 Fractured depicts the reality of illusion”
The Netflix original movie Fractured directed by Brad Anderson was released on October 11, 2019. The movie stars Sam Worthington who plays the role of Ray Monroe and is caught between the fictitious life in his mind and the actuality of his real life. Lily Rabe is seen as Joanne Monroe, Ray’s wife and Lucy Capri as Peri Monroe, their daughter. I really loved the plot and setting of the Netflix Original “Fractured”. The movie starts with Ray and his family on a drive back home from thanksgiving dinner at Peri’s grandparents’ place. In the car, the family is not so happy and both the parents can be seen trying hard to lighten up moments. They stop at a gas station, Peri meets with an accident and is taken to the hospital where Ray waits for his daughter and wife who never returned back. In his negative critical review released in “The Hollywood Reporter” on 9 October, 2019 Frank describes the movie to be boring which becomes duller and devolves as the movie progresses but I really recommend the audience to watch it themselves and be the better judge because ehe movie is an amazing Psychological thriller. It shows how real illusions of our brain can seem to be. Upon inquiring, Ray is told by the hospital authorities that he came all by himself. Ray is taken aback but so are the people at the hospital. Who is speaking the truth? Is Ray making this up? Or are Peri and Joanne really in danger? Fractured is worth watching if you are a fan of this genre of movies. It has everything that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Unorthodox Limited Series Review 🌟

Unorthodox (Limited Series) 9/10
I have no idea how such a show can be so realistic and relatable with so many symbolism and hidden messages!! “Unorthodox” is heartbreaking, deep and real. The story is so captivating although it’s really simple and straight to the point, proof that you don’t need multiple seasons and episodes to deliver your message. The show goes way beyond the plot and tackles some seriously daring subjects in a beautiful way. Shira Haas (the main actress) took her character to another level. It’s by far the best performance I’ve seen in a TV show this year. She made it so easy to connect with her character from the very first episode and that’s the Show’s strongest element… sympathy!! Although it’s only four episodes long but you actually feel that you know these characters and understand their backgrounds and struggles, plus it got time to carefully develop them. The show was able to perfectly assemble all the right elements to give us a heartbreaking story with so many emotions without even making an effort or exaggerating anything. “Unorthodox” is a Netflix limited series that shouldn’t be missed!

Emily In Paris Series Review 🌟

8/10 Emily in paris is an entertaining escape from our current time variety of anxieties into a world of romance , fashion and great settings. Lily Collins in the role of Emily, an American marketing strategist, lands her dream job in Paris and moves there from chicago with stars in her eyes only to end up having to face a massive culture clash. The stereotypical french stuck up attitudes and promiscuous lifestyle versus the american easygoingness and conservative values is what makes this series most fun. The charming settings and fashion are totally appealing not to mention the romantic drama that holds the show throughout the 10 episodes leaving you eagerly anticipating for season 2.
It’s Been Years Since Carrie Bradshaw Visited Paris, but fear not! Sex and the City’s creator Darren Star reignites the same magic of his biggest success in his latest show Emily in Paris. Along the way, he borrows the recipe of The Devil wears Prada (The name Emily alone should ring a bell). Surprisingly, it works well and you will quickly find yourself falling under the spell and beauty of this city through the eyes of Emily, a young American who is rushed to travel to the city of lights for an unexpected job opportunity. The violent culture clash between stylish Paris and “ringarde” Chicago is precisely why this works making Emily in Paris a rom-com fantasy you wouldn’t want to miss.

Poem #338

This feeling that only feels liberating in shackles. The room that gets smaller and smaller, eating away the oxygen. The 24/7 panic attack that begins when you decide to lock away your heart. You just wanted to give your heart a break after it has been broken. Now you forgot how to use it, you are running away from its purpose. Poem #338